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2019 Purple PARTY of the Year



4theLoveofGod, A Prince Inspired Charity, 501c3 Non-Profit, will host the 2019 PURPLE Party of the Year Cruise aboard the beautiful Carnival Triumph. 

Departing Saturday, Jan. 5th - 10th from the Port of New Orleans.  This 5 day cruise will set sail and include 2 FUN days at sea and 2 ports of call, in Beautiful Cozumel, Mexico and Progreso, Yucatan.  AND, the average temperature in this tropical paradise for January is 80-85 degrees.  

*ONLY participants who have BOOKED through our links will be involved in PRINCE related activities.  You cannot book directly through Carnival and participate!!!  Please direct questions to Valerie Russak on the booking link for past Carnival cruisers.





WOW, where do we begin???  When 4theLoveofGod began planning this event, we wanted everyone to be able to have a piece of Prince's MN life, for we know that some people may never be able to visit his home, therefore, our dedicated & passionate team, has worked hard to achieve that for everyone of Prince's fans, whether they are young or old, rich or is our goal to put some "Joy in your Hearts" and a BIG PURPLE SMILE on your face by bringing some of the things Prince loved most, DIRECTLY 2 YOU, from Minnesota.

There will be Meet & Greets, Portrait Sessions, Dance Instruction for "When Doves Cry"/"The Funk N' Roll", etc., etc.  You'll just HAVE TO BE THERE to see what all is going to happen on this FABULOUS 2019 Purple PARTY of the Year cruise.


Some very special people will be joining YOU on this fabulous cruise 4theLoveofGod.  For Prince's "Love God." message is very near & dear to their hearts as well and MUST BE CONTINUED in Honor of their Legacy, both God & Prince's.  We PROUDLY WELCOME 4theLoveofGod, "DR." Matt Fink, Legendary Keyboardist from The Revolution who was with prince almost from the very beginning and remained Prince's keyboardist for many years including through the 80's and the legendary Purple Rain years.


Ms. Kim Berry was Prince's personal Hairstylist and has worked on Prince's hair for many hours almost every day for the better part of 30 years and you can bet she has some amazing stories to tell. Her NEW book, Diamonds & Curlz is due to be released soon! Find more information at!


"DR." Matt Fink

Kim Berry

Owen Husney

Chris Moon

Abigail Stahlschmidt

Artist Dan Lacey, who paints outside of Paisley Park almost daily, will be showing off his magnificent talents to you and telling you all of his Paisley tales.  His GORGEOUS portraits will be available for purchase...and guess what, you can afford them easily!

Chris Horton aka Mr. Christopher created the funk website Funkatopia, which became one of Prince's favorite funk websites that he visited and promoted regularly. Mr. Christopher has interviewed some of the greatest names in the purple family including Andy Allo, Owen Husney, Ingrid Chavez, Liv Warfield and so many more. You can also download the FUNKEDUP app for non-stop Prince and funk radio 24/7. Visit the website at On this cruise, Chris will be interviewing and DJ'ing some dance parties!

Chris Horton
Mr. Christopher

Dan Lacey

While you might think that Ms. TaNisha Ann Britton, who was a former Tour Guide at Paisley Park, is just there to give you a virtual tour of Paisley Park OR teach you the Funk n' Roll, you will be sadly mistaken, for this young beauty who LOVES HER PRINCE, is going to debut a new song about Prince's "Love God." 4theLoveofGod.


TaNisha Ann

OTHER EVENTS will be included in the line up as soon as the Cruise Coordinator and SPECIAL GUESTS persons itineraries are confirmed.

Can't make this one because of school, work, etc., no worries, for the NEXT CRUISE is also in the works and will be ANNOUNCED and available for Pre-booking on and after the 2019 Purple PARTY of the Year sets sail and makes PRINCE History 4theLoveofGod!!!

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